REVEL C10 2½-Way Center Channel On-Wall Speaker

Rs. 54,990


The C10 is configured for the special demands of the center channel in movie soundtracks, providing exceptional dialogue reproduction and a seamless transition between the left and right front channels.

C10 Highlights

  • Rigid aluminum enclosure
  • Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) Cone Woofers
  • 1'' Tweeter
  • Wall brackets


The performance of Revel Concerta™ on-wall loudspeakers has been extensively evaluated in a variety of on-and near-wall installations through blind listening tests in the Revel Multichannel Listening Lab.

Using proprietary 36-point anechoic measurements, Concerta on-wall speakers have been shown to deliver remarkably flat frequency response across an exceptionally wide listening area for clean, accurate sound in real-world listening rooms.

None of the competing systems tested under identical conditions performed as well. Remarkably, Revel engineers could not identify a single competing on-wall system they considered suitable for on-wall use, based on either laboratory measurements or double-blind listening tests.

With advanced drivers utilizing Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) cones and domes, along with high-order crossovers, and housed in rigid aluminum enclosures styled to complement the look of LCD and plasma displays, Concerta on-wall systems will fill any room with brilliant, distortion-free sound from virtually any amplifier.

Concerta speakers are voice-matched for use in any combination to build movie and music systems of uncommon realism. The series includes an innovative 3-channel LCR system mounted in a single enclosure, a highly capable center channel speaker, a choice of satellites and an impressive 250-watt powered subwoofer. The B120 sub can be connected directly to your system or operated wirelessly with an optional transmitter, for complete placement freedom.

All Concerta on-wall woofer, midrange and tweeter diaphragms are constructed of Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC), a new material created by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core. Anodizing both sides of an aluminum core adds strength and stiffness – but very little weight – to a material already well suited for use in transducer diaphragms.

With appropriate hardware, it’s possible to affix virtually any compact loudspeaker to a listening room wall, and manufacturers are free to promote any model of a certain size and weight as “wall-mountable.” But very few audio manufacturers have the facilities and expertise needed to determine just how their on-wall systems will sound when actually placed on or near a wall.


Frequency Response

(±3dB) 110Hz – 21kHz


4-1/4" (107mm)


22-15/16" (582mm)


4-1/2" (113mm)


6.75 lb (3.1kg)

Crossover Frequencies

2–1/2-Way high-order at 400Hz and 2.2kHz


Piano black or mahogany finish

High Frequency Driver Components

1" (25mm) tweeter with waveguide and Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) dome

Nominal Impedance

8 Ohms

Low Frequency Extension

–3dB @ 110Hz, –6dB @ 100Hz, –10dB @ 80Hz

Low Frequency Driver Components

Dual 3" (76mm) woofers with Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) cones

Mid-frequency Driver Components

Dual 3" (76mm) midrange transducers with Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) cones


(2.83V @ 1m, 2π anechoic) 89dB

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