Q Acoustics QI80C

Rs. 42,699 Rs. 44,900

Powerful sound with sleek design – the Q Acoustics QI80C are the discreet choice of ceiling speakers.

Sleek style

With a depth of just 87mm, a slim bezel and grille design that clips magnetically into place, you can be assured that the QI80C will compliment your room in a discreet manner. Round grilles are supplied as standard with square grilles available as an optional extra. You can change between the grilles freely without removing the speaker.

Powerful performers
Q Acoustics have a strong pedigree in producing award-winning speakers and the Qi80C speakers inherit the benefit. Using large 8-inch, polypropylene drivers, the QI80C deliver a clear midrange with a powerful yet controlled bass. High performance tweeters provide smooth and detailed treble. The tweeters can also be swivelled, letting you fine tune the sound to your room. The sound is full-bodied and powerful enough to fill larger rooms with ease.

Easy install
To make installation easy the QI80C speakers comes with an easy to use template. If you wish to paint the speakers to match your decor the speakers also come with paintable grilles, complete with protective dust covers and cloth backing. The QI80C is also moisture proof and built utilizing 'UL94' flame retardant materials in their construction.

Designed to blend seamlessly into your room yet deliver quality sound, the QI80C speakers strike the perfect balance between design and performance.


Brand  Q Acoustics
Ceiling Speaker
Sensitivity (dB) 
Impedance (ohms) 
Power Rating (Watts) 
Cut out 
Freq Response (Hz) 
63 - 20,000
Speaker Type 

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