Rs. 119,990

MAGNAT Transpuls 800A

Key Features 

  • Active speaker system with a wide variety of connections
  • Bluetooth aptX for uncomplicated use with smartphones and tablets
  • Powerful class D amplifier module with 2 x 120 watts RMS power
  • HDMI input for direct connection to a TV set
  • Switchable phono amplifier for MM systems
  • Sturdy retro housing

Active 2-way speaker system with Bluetooth, HDMI, digital and analog inputs

In terms of acoustics, the Magnat Transpuls 800A has all of the rebellious genes of its big siblings. Thanks to the powerful integrated amplifier electronics with its 2 x 120 watt output and the wide range of connection options, the stereo speaker set becomes a fully-fledged hi-fi system that masters all facets of modern music sources.

Bluetooth connectivity allows the Transpuls to be connected to smartphones and tablets, while the HDMI input makes it the perfect addition to a TV set. What's more, the digital input also supports the playback of high-resolution audio. Of course, it can also handle analog signals as well and the RCA input with switchable phono stage will raise the heart rate of all vinyl fans, as it means they can finally provide their favorite source with the corresponding acoustic expertise complete with matching retro look.

Magnat Transpuls 800A – Compact, but not small
Measuring just 385 mm in height, 240 mm in width and 215 mm in depth, the Transpuls 800A will fit easily on any shelf. It should still be sturdy, however, because firstly the set weighs x.x kg and secondly, its dynamic capabilities require a robust installation location. The dark wood decor housing, as well as the baffle and removable black fabric cover should by no means be interpreted as attempts to be discreet. That's definitely not the character of the Transpuls 800A.

The precisely calculated geometry of the horn tweeter, which is a feature of the Transpuls series, delivers a brutal pulse fidelity. And the bass range is in no way inferior, because the 170 mm hardened paper cone with PA fabric mount also ensures a purely dynamic performance. In addition, there are also selected components in the crossover and sturdy connecting terminals to boot. The Transpuls may give the impression of a shelf speaker, but inside beats the rocky, musical heart of a fully-fledged hi-fi system.

Magnat Transpuls 800A – The beast is now also active

You'd love to have a Magnat Transpuls everywhere, wouldn't you? That's now possible! The Transpuls 800A is opening up completely new fields of activity for what is probably the boldest speaker series in our range. Why? There are two reasons: First, the Transpuls 800A is active. This means that the amplifiers are integrated. The 800A is also equipped with all kinds of connections, so it's not just a speaker system, but a complete hi-fi system.

Reason two: It is compact. Well, it's more compact than the other Transpuls models. We have simply referred to it as a shelf speaker, which is apt due to its approximately 40 cm height and 24 cm width. At its core, however, it is simply a rebel with compact dimensions. Of course, you can use the 800A on a shelf or a sideboard, as well as on your desk. Whether you set up your gaming monitor or extra-wide business display in between is completely up to you. We are sure you will find 1001 uses for it.


Let's start with the speakers. A Transpuls has a horn tweeter. Period. This is no different for the 800A. The single compression horn tweeter is powered by a 25 mm fabric dome. The drive? A powerful neodymium magnet, of course. The geometry of the horn has been perfectly calculated to ensure the tweeter not only sounds extremely dynamic, but also very natural. Power and sound combined, what more could anyone want? Oh yes, bass.

The mid-range driver measures 17 cm in diameter. The powerful drive behind the hardened paper cone with its PA fabric mount inspires the deep bass range to perform dynamic feats. Of course, we also utilized Klippel laser measuring technology here to detect and eradicate disruptive distortions. The result: A bass range that would make much larger speakers blush with embarrassment.

The innovative heart of the Transpuls, however, is the amplifier electronics, which is represented by the "A" in the name. It transforms the already irresistible speakers into a complete hi-fi system. With a continuous output of 2 x 60 watts and a peak output of 2 x 120 watts, the amps really heat up the speakers. Incidentally, both are hidden in the right active speaker, whereas the left is simply connected with a speaker cable. This makes wiring a breeze.


How is music delivered to the Transpuls 800A? You really are spoiled for choice here. If you want to keep things straightforward, simply pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and you're ready to go. Bluetooth aptX means you can use the Transpuls to play your music library, as well as every imaginable streaming service, in optimum sound quality with a high resolution.

The HDMI input also makes the Transpuls 800A a perfect addition to your TV. The corresponding HDMI port on the television (marked "ARC") provides films, series, and of course music, with a completely different acoustic dimension.

There is also an optical digital input that supports signals up to 24 bit/192 kHz and, as a result, is capable of reproducing high-resolution audio. On the analog side, the Transpuls features a jack that allows most portable devices to be easily connected, as well as an RCA input. A phono preamplifier can be switched on for this, thereby enabling you to directly connect a turntable with an MM system. Yes, we have already said it, but the Transpuls 800A really is a complete stereo system. And the supplied remote control allows you to operate everything from the comfort of your sofa. If you can't find the remote, you can use the input selection and volume buttons at the rear of the Transpuls unit.


A Transpuls speaker looks exactly like a speaker should. In Your Face! The sturdy MDF housing in its dark wood decor is a nod to the heyday of the hi-fi industry yet, at the same time, is more contemporary than ever before. The classic black baffle provides an ideal stage for the real stars, namely the sound transducers. A Transpuls doesn't hide, but announces its musical abilities quite openly. If you don't trust your surroundings to be able to cope with the sight of the horn tweeter, woofer and two bass reflex tubes, you can hide them behind a fabric cover with matching retro design.

The exclusive solid metal type plate on the front of the speaker also attests to our attention to detail. The infrared receiver for the remote control and the LED for the status display are also concealed in the active speaker. In addition to the standard rubber feet for acoustic decoupling, we are also providing the Transpuls 800A with two higher models. These allow you to set up the speakers at a slight angle for an even better sound.


DRIVERS 6.5“ woofer-midrange
1 x 1” horn-dome tweeters
OUTPUT POWER (RMS/MAX.) 2 x 60 / 2 x 120 Watt
2 x 60 / 2 x 120 Watt
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 240 x 385 x 215 mm
WEIGHT Passive speaker: 6.5 kg

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