MAGNAT Cinema Star 5.1 Home Cinema System With Active Subwoofer

Rs. 45,900 Rs. 54,900

MAGNAT Cinema Star 5.1


  • Compact 5.1 subwoofer satellite system
  • Fabric dome tweeters
  • Bass-midrange drivers with coated paper cones and powerful double magnet system
  • Active subwoofer with 6.5“ woofer and down fire technology
  • Subwoofer amplifier with 100 watt maximum output
  • Level, crossover frequency and phase can be adjusted/switched
  • Laser-optimized overall design


A proper cinema atmosphere needs the corresponding sound. This is exactly what‘s delivered by our subwoofer satellite system, which can be combined with your choice of AV equipment. The four identical and perfectly coordinated satellite speakers that cater for the front and rear channels, a powerful center speaker with identical components, and the powerful, active subwoofer mean any room can be turned into a home cinema.


Netflix, Prime Video and Disney plus are offering new blockbusters almost every day for us to watch on our big screen TVs at home. Our ultracompact Cinema Star 5.1 surround speaker system delivers the corresponding room-filling cinema sound to your own four walls. As is always the case for Magnat‘s products, this is based on decades of experience in audio development. 


It's all about the technology when it comes to a home cinema setup. When used with a suitable AV amplifier or receiver, the Magnat Cinema Star 5.1 subwoofer satellite system ensures you are equipped for all imaginable surround formats. The electronic components used do not even have to be particularly powerful, because the
satellites in our system are extremely efficient and the active subwoofer, which boasts an amplifier output of 100 watts, relieves the strain placed on the receiver when it comes to reproducing low frequencies.


Current cinema sound formats offer at least 5 channels as well as an additional bass signal. To reproduce these in a home cinema setup, you need the corresponding number of speakers. Subwoofer satellite systems offer an optimal solution here, not only for reasons of space, but also because of their aesthetic appearance. Treble and mid-range frequencies, which the human ear can locate very well, are reproduced by their own speakers. The bass range, on the other hand, is generated by the active subwoofer. This setup allows you to enjoy the advantage of precisely locatable signals with minimal space requirements.


Subwoofer Bass Reflex, Down fire
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 2 way satellite speakers
Center 2 way center speaker 
Subwoofer 6.5" woofer
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 1/2" Tweeter , 3.3" Woofer
Center 1/2" Tweeter , 3.3" Woofer
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 50/100 Watt
Center 260/120 Watt
Subwoofer 40/100 Watt
Subwoofer Active
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 4 – 8 Ω
Center 4 – 8 Ω
Subwoofer 32 – 200 Hz
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 90 – 32000 Hz
Center 80 – 32000 Hz
Subwoofer 50 – 150 Hz 
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 5000 Hz
Center 5000 Hz
Subwoofer Active
2 x Front / 2 x Surround > 15 Watt
Center > 15 Watt
Subwoofer Active
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 88 dB
Center 89 dB
Subwoofer Black
2 x Front / 2 x Surround Black
Center Black
Subwoofer 225 x 380 x 350 mm
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 90 x 110 x 110 mm
Center 210 x 90 x 110 mm
Subwoofer 7.7 Kg
2 x Front / 2 x Surround 0.9 Kg
Center 1.6 Kg

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