HECO Aurora 200 P Powerful active speaker

Rs. 225,900

HECO Aurora 200 P

Key Features

  • Active shelf speaker with 2 x 35 watts of continuous power and 2 x 70 watts of peak power
  • 125 mm kraft paper woofer and 28 mm Fluktus tweeter
  • Complete range of connections, including analog, HDMI, Bluetooth 5.0 and a subwoofer out
  • Can be used as a hi-fi speaker, a TV sound extension and a desktop monitor
  • Optimum components and exemplary workmanship


All of the qualities embodied by Heco, and the Aurora series in particular, are combined with powerful electronics. This is how a very good speaker becomes an unbeatable media center. Whether it's used as a classic hi-fi shelf speaker, an acoustic accompaniment to a TV or a multimedia all-rounder on a desk, the Heco Aurora 200 P can do it all.

Our tried-and-tested speaker technology, such as the 28 mm Fluktus tweeter and the 125 mm kraft paper bass-midrange driver, really comes into its own in conjunction with the perfectly coordinated Class D power amplifier. Various connection options, which range from analog to HDMI and Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX standard, support every imaginable source.

Compact, powerful and competent. A plethora of technology is crammed into a shelf speaker that is capable of a lot more than many others of its ilk. The Aurora 200 P is a complete hi-fi system that comes with Heco's DNA and all of the technology that makes modern music enjoyment a real pleasure.


The Aurora series from Heco has long stood for the perfect combination of an enthralling sound and a fair price. The Aurora 200 P active shelf speaker offers maximum freedom, as it comes complete with its own precisely coordinated amplifier. Its variety of connections also makes it a real all-rounder.

What does that mean for everyday life? The Aurora 200 P can be used as an ideal partner for your television, as well as a luxurious speaker for your desk. The classic application, namely as a shelf speaker, is naturally no problem for the Aurora 200 P. In fact, it outperforms many complex electronics/speaker combinations because everything is perfectly coordinated. And if you want more bass, that‘s not a problem either. An active subwoofer can be connected via the corresponding RCA connection to further perfect the lower frequency sounds.


While integrating an amplifier into a speaker is clever, it wouldn‘t have been enough for us. The Class D amplifier, which generates 2 x 35 watts of continuous power and 2 x 70 of watts peak power, as well as a high degree of efficiency, ensures perfect control of all parameters. This is because we know exactly how the connected speaker performs and can perfect the sound accordingly. However, this integration of speaker and electronics needs to offer much more besides - such as optimum connectivity and a wide range of applications. No sooner said than done.


A glimpse at the rear reveals the options available here: Digital and analog inputs mean you can connect a wide variety of sources, including a turntable with an MM system. There is an optical digital connection and you can choose between an analog RCA and jack connection for portable devices. The HDMI port allows the speaker to be connected to any standard television. This means you can enjoy film and TV audio in optimum quality and even adjust the volume with your TV‘s remote control.


As is the case for all of Heco‘s speakers, the components used for the Aurora 200 P are of a premium quality. It all starts with the new Fluktus tweeter with its characteristic wavy front panel, at the center of which is a 28 mm fabric dome. This ensures a balanced dispersion of the sound while preventing interference. The 125 mm diameter bass-midrange driver is made from Heco‘s legendary kraft paper. A long-throw surround and a heavy-duty voice coil enable extensive travel of the cone without any traces of distortion. The low weight and high degree of stability of this combination provide the basis for a dynamic sound without any compromise.

The woofer is mounted in a sturdy steel basket. A trim that is secured in place by 6 screws provides you with an idea of the quality behind it. The same applies to the sturdy speaker terminals at the rear. All of this is accommodated in an elaborate MDF housing and various elements, such as the flow-optimized bass reflex tube, allude to the high level of attention Heco pays to even minor details. The black exterior and high-gloss front panel provide a visual indication of the technical qualities exhibited by the Aurora 200 P, which is something of a designer piece.


Principle 2-way bass reflex, active
Equipment 1 x 5” woofer-midrange
1.1” dome-tweeter
Power Handling (RMS/Max) Active
Output power (RMS/max.) 2 x 35 / 2 x 70 W
Impedance 4 - 8 Ω
Input Impedance 100 kΩ (AUX Input)
20 kΩ (LINE/PHONO Input)
Frequency Response 38 - 42.500 Hz
Crossover Frequencies 3.400 Hz
Mains voltage/frequency 100 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz
Cabinet surface Black Edition
Dimensions (WxHxD) 170 x 308 x 258 mm (Active Speaker)
170 x 308 x 245 mm (Passive Speaker)
Weight 5.8 kg (Active Speaker)
5.2 kg (Passive Speaker)

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