BOSE SUB 1 Powered Portable Bass Module

Rs. 125,000 Rs. 134,840



A powered, portable bass module, the Sub1 subwoofer combines with virtually any portable PA and delivers low-end performance down to 40 Hz. Its unique 7” × 13” high-excursion RaceTrack driver allows for an ultra-slim enclosure, delivering performance that rivals traditional round drivers without the cumbersome size, freeing up room in your vehicle and on the stage. Compared to the Sub2 subwoofer, Sub1 is the more compact subwoofer option for the Bose L1 Pro32 system, combining seamlessly via single-cable SubMatch connectivity. You can stack multiple Sub1 subwoofers for even more low end — or to unleash Cardioid Mode for directional bass. With a Sub1, you get a subwoofer that goes virtually anywhere and effortlessly fills out your sound. 


Add powerful bass to your portable PA system with low-end range down to 40 Hz 

Go from vehicle to venue easily with a slim design featuring a unique 7” × 13” high-excursion RaceTrack driver; performance that rivals traditional round drivers with a smaller footprint

Stack multiple Sub1 subwoofers for even more bass or unleash Cardioid Mode for focused, directional performance that steers the bass out front and decreases feedback 

Combine seamlessly with Bose L1 Pro32 portable line array via proprietary SubMatch connectivity, which delivers both power and audio over a single cable

Pair with other powered loudspeakers via line input and output with selectable crossover modes, plus integrated threaded pole mount for use with Bose S1 Pro PA and more


Give your songs full impact. Sub1 and Sub2 powered bass modules combine with virtually any portable PA to deliver low end down to 40 Hz and 37 Hz, respectively. When paired with the Bose L1 Pro32, Sub1 creates a more compact system, while Sub2 plays lower and louder. And both give you bold bass from slim design that goes virtually anywhere.


More bass. Less bulk. With a unique RaceTrack driver design, Sub1 and Sub2 offer powerful bass and an optimized center of gravity. The driver’s shape allows the physical enclosure of Sub1 and Sub2 to be slimmer without compromising sound. This frees up room in your vehicle and on the stage, and makes every carry in between — home to car, vehicle to venue — much easier.


Focus the bass where you want it. Stack two Sub1 or Sub2 subwoofers for even more bass or to unleash Cardioid Mode for focused, directional performance that negates rear-firing bass energy, steers the bass out front, and reduces feedback.


Part of a full system Sub1 and Sub2 pair seamlessly with the L1 Pro32 via proprietary SubMatch connectivity to form a modular line array system that’s easy to pack, carry, and set up. This single-cable connection makes setup so much easier. It allows the system’s crossover and EQ to automatically calibrate for optimal sound, and — because power and digital audio are passed through the SubMatch cable — you only need a single power outlet. Just plug in your L1 Pro32 and you’re ready to go.


System Performance
Model Name Sub1
System Type Self-powered bass module
Frequency Response (–3 dB) 40 Hz to 180 Hz
Frequency Range (–10 dB)  32 Hz to 250 Hz
Nominal Vertical Coverage Pattern
Nominal Horizontal Coverage Pattern  Omnidirectional (with –10 dB rear rejection in Cardioid mode)
Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 m, continuous 118.6 dB
Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 m, peak 124.6 dB
Crossover 200Hz
Low Frequency  1 × RaceTrack low-frequency driver 7" x 13"
Low Frequency Voice Coil Size  2"
Driver Protection  Dynamic limiting
Type  Class D
Low Frequency Amp Channel  480 W
Cooling  Convection cooling
Onboard Mixer
Channels  Two
Channel 1 & 2 Input: Audio Type  Combination XLR or 1/4" TRS connector (mic/instrument/line)
Channel 1 & 2 Input Input Impedance  100 KΩ
Channel 1 & 2 Input Channel Gain   +10 dB to +45 dB; from input to driver, controlled by volume control
Channel 1 & 2 Input Max Input Signal  +24 dBu
Channel 1 & 2 Output: Audio Type XLR connector, line-level, full-frequency bandwidth
SubMatch Input: Audio Type Bose proprietary multi-pin cable
SubMatch Thruput: Audio Type Bose proprietary multi-pin cable
LED Indicators  Standby, Phase/Pattern selection, Input EQ selection, Output EQ selection, Signal/Clip Indicator
AC Power
AC Power Input 100–240 VAC (±20%, 50/60 Hz)
Input Electrical Type IEC, SubMatch
Initial turn on inrush current 14.9 A at 120 V; 29.3 A at 230 V
Inrush current after AC mains interruption of 5 s 5.8 A at 120 V; 32.0 A at 230 V
Color Black
Enclosures Material High-impact polypropylene, birch plywood
Grille Material Powder-coated perforated steel
Product Dimensions (H × W × D) 533 × 260 × 529 mm (21.0 × 10.2 × 20.8 in)
Shipping Dimensions (H × W × D)  620 × 620 × 330 mm (24.41 × 24.41 × 12.99 in)
Net Weight 15.5 kg (34.1 lbs)
Shipping Weight 18.0 kg (39.6 lbs)
Included Accessories IEC power cord, slip cover
Optional Accessories Sub1 Roller Bag, Adjustable Speaker Pole, SubMatch Cable

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