AURUM CANTUS V80F Floor Standing Speakers (Pair)

Rs. 720,000


The V80F is the upgraded version of the V8F and the next step up in our V Floor-Standing Series. This recently revised design incorporates an updated crossover and drivers and employs a complex multi-faceted front baffle for the mid-range and tweeter. This expensive and time consuming construction process improves the structural integrity, acoustic alignment of the components and helps to minimize any potential diffraction effects. Utilizing the highly recognized Aurum Cantus APR1.0 pure aluminum ribbon tweeter combined with the AC130/DC25SC-0502A 5.2" mid-range and AC200/DC50C2C-0804A/8.5SN 8" woofer, the V80F is a masterfully designed, integrated and constructed speaker. Able to fill a large listening space with uncompromising full-range sound quality, this large impressive floor standing speaker is a true tour-de-force at its price point. We truly believe it to be one of the best all around values today in high-end audio. If you can find a better performer at this price, buy it! Best when incorporated into a large listening environment and we recommend two people for unpacking and set-up. 4 x 18mm gold-plated copper core connectors allow for single or bi-wiring. Supplied with large adjustable spike feet and protective carpet cups. Available in high gloss Cherry, Figured Maple or Rosewood finish. 


  • Design: 3-way vented-box
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-40kHz
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 88dB
  • Impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 6.4 ohms)
  • Power Requirement: 50-250W recommended
  • Tweeter: Model: APR1.0. Sandwich aluminum ribbon (LWT): 150mm × 14.5mm × 0.015mm. High power handling with shielded design and field-replaceable diaphragm.
  • Midrange: Model: AC130/DC25SC-0502A, 1×130mm (5.2″). Aluminum frame, sandwich cone of non-woven carbon fiber, 25mm (1″) copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, utilizing a magnet system with Faraday ring and demodulation coil, 120mm×20mm Y30 Ferrite magnet.
  • Woofer: Model: AC200/DC50C2C-0804A/8.5SN,1 × 200mm (8″). Aluminum frame, sandwich cone of Non- woven carbon fiber, 50mm (2″) copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, utilizing a magnet system with Faraday ring and demodulation coil, 120mm×20mm Y30 Ferrite magnet.
  • Crossover Frequency: 200Hz and 1800Hz
  • Crossover’s Attenuation Slope: Woofer -12dB, Midrange -12dB, Tweeter -18dB
  • Crossover Components: M-Cap MKP capacitors are used for the tweeter and midrange with Aurum Cantus MKP capacitors used for the woofer. Also employed are a zero ohm inductor and military grade metal oxide film resistors.
  • Connective Cable: Teflon insulated OCC cable
  • Damping Material: Polyester fiber and the PU foam
  • Connections: 4 pcs. 18mm gold-plated copper connectors w/Bi-wiring
  • Cabinet Material: High quality MDF
  • Finish: Rosewood PE high gloss, Figured Maple PE high gloss and Cherry PE high gloss.
  • Dimensions (HWD): 1100mm × 292mm × 448mm (43.30″×11.50″×17.64″).
  • Net Weight: 51kgs/ea.(112.43lb/ea.)

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