Aurum Cantus 620C Centre Speaker

Rs. 64,000

Aurum Cantus 620C

The Aurum Cantus 620C incorporates an aluminium ribbon tweeter that has great value and world-class performance. It offers a combination of real natural sound, graceful timbre making the 620C the perfect match for the 600 series speakers. With the sandwich ribbon tweeter, a composite cone (PP, carbon and mica) designed woofer with special magnet system, perfect crossover design and precision-machined gold-plated copper connectors, the 620C represents superb value for money.


  • 2-way vented speaker 
  • 2 x 6.5" Composite cone woofers
  • Aluminium Ribbon Tweeter 
  • High quality crossovers


    • Design:2-way vented-box
    • Frequency Response:42Hz-30kHz
    • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m):90dB
    • Impedance:4 ohms (minimum 3.2 ohms)
    • Power Requirement:50-150W recommended
    • TweeterModel: APR2.2. Sandwich aluminum ribbon tweeter, the size of aluminum ribbon(LWT):60mm×8.5mm×0.015mm. High power handling, shielded design, easily field-replaceable for the ribbon.
    • Woofer: Model: AC165S/DC25F1, 2×165mm (6.5″). Aluminum frame, the composite cone(PP, carbon and mica), 25mm (1″) copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, the special magnet system, 100mm×20mm + 100mm×15mm Y30 Ferrite magnet, long throw,shielded design.
    • Crossover Frequency:2900Hz
    • Crossovers Attenuation Slope:Woofer -12dB, Tweeter -18dB
    • Crossover Components:High quality MKP capacitors and non-polarized electrolyticcapacitors. Also, high purified OFC inductors and the metal oxide film resistors with military industrial standard.
    • Connective Cable:OFC cable
    • Damping Material:The polyester fiber and the PU foam
    • Connections:2 pcs gold-plated copper connectors
    • Cabinet Material:High quality MDF
    • Finish:The standard finish is Cherry PU matt paint and Rosewood PU matt paint.
    • Dimensions (HWD):220mm×550mm×310mm (8.66″×21.65″×12.2″).
    • Net Weight:16kgs/pc (35.3lb/pc)

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